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Adrienne Callie
Alumni SMAK Yos Sudarso
Studying at Deakin University

Alumni SMAK Yos Sudarso
Studying in SIM Singapore

Fendy & Alhaq
Alumni SMA Djuwita
Studying in SIM Singapore

Kezia Zhang
Alumni SMA Santa Maria Pekanbaru
Studied at UCSI University

Education Republic has done a great job in helping me to find the right school. They’ve been giving me all the information I needed to move to another country and adapt to my new environment.

They’ve always responded fast and given updates which makes me more sure to trust them to help me find the right path for my future. I’m grateful to find this agency and trust them to help me move abroad.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Education Republic helped me a lot for study abroad. They helped me from the beginning, from consultation, registration until I arrived to my destination country. Thank you so much!


I would like to recommend Education Republic to all aspirants who dream to the UK for higher education. Like me choosing to study my Master
in Queen Mary, University of London. I am extremely thankful to Education Republic as she supported and having patience in clarifying my doubts during the whole process from start till end of the process. Thank you for making my dream come true!

Michelle Pan
Queen Mary, University of London

I was in need of an agent when my friend suggested Ko Jacob from Education Republic. He was very welcoming and nice, and went out of his way to help me from start to finish; my application to Coventry University.

He even helped me with my accommodation, parents’ visa application, general unrelated inquiries, and stayed patient when I did not understand the procedure. Overall, i’m very much thankful for him and his team for helping me even months after I started studying in the University.

Thanks Education Republic!

Dyantha Hendranata Putri
Coventry University, UK

Terima kasih ke Education Republic krn membantu pendaftaran universitas dari rumit menjadi mudah sekali.
ER bisa dibilang sangat friendly dari pengurusan awal sampai saya udah di Coventry University, UK. Di setiap langkah mereka selalu update dan temenin aku. Terima kasih Education Republic!

Janice Faylyn Tantri
Coventry University, UK

Hi, I’m Jovinsky, a Master of Human Resource Management student at National College of Ireland.

Last year, in 2021, I decided that I wanted to go to Ireland to pursue my studies. However, I had a lot of doubts and questions in my mind. I actually tried to apply to the college by myself but the admission representative told me that they prefer if I could contact an agent as it would be difficult to apply by myself. At first, I thought it would be troublesome as none of the agents were from my city, Makassar, other than the famous agent X. I contacted them but it was all over the place, they redirected me to different branches and ended up never really giving any attention to my application.

Then, I decided to contact Education Republic despite the branch being in Batam, they helped me so thoroughly and patiently. All I did was follow their instructions. There were no costs at all (other than the shipping cost of the visa) and no hassle at all.

Back then, everything was done online but everything went very well. All the briefings and preparations were perfectly done. They were very friendly to me, especially Ko Jacob. He helped me a lot by clearing my doubts, applying for the college, applying for the visa and my flights until I arrived in Dublin. Even after a while in Dublin, he was still checking up on me.

I tried 3 different agents, but Education Republic was the one that was genuinely trying to help and support me. I am really glad now that I am given the chance to study in Ireland. I met a lot of new friends, got a part-time job and had so many amazing experiences that I can’t imagine without.

National College of Ireland

Education Republic is a great place to rely on when moving to another country for your studies, they’ve helped me in starting my journey and giving a good start to my education in the U.S. The people in Education Republic always stay in touch and help in keeping track of the things you’ll need, giving an easier way to go about moving to your desired country. They are full of great people that does not hesitate to help you in every single step of your move. My move has been very smooth and relaxing due to their help and I hope for everyone to have a good experience like me, this is the place to go!


Studying Biochemistry at University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Class of 2019
Alumni of Taman Rama Intercultural School Bali

University of Washington, USA

Study Abroad Preparation with Education Republic Bali praktis dan memuaskan, karena dari pertama udah dibimbing melalui Psychometric Test dan juga di arahkan mau kuliah dimana dan negara apa. Semua yang membantu super baik dan cepat tanggap, jadinya nyaman ketika berkomunikasi dengan Education Republic. IELTS Preparation and Study Abroad Application juga ga perlu pusing karena semua proses dan data yang dibutuhkan langsung dikerjakan oleh pihak Education Republic, jadi tugas kita cuman kirim data aja. Recommended banget yang mau study abroad, bisa langsung contact @educationrepublic yaa


Studying at Ryerson University
Class of 2021
Alumni of Taman Rama Intercultural School Bali

Ryerson University, Toronto - Canada

Education Republic is one of the outstanding Education Agent in Indonesia. It provides neutral selection of courses & Universities to students.
Ms Rafika from ER has helped in guiding me in choosing what i really want to ensure i have chosen the right Master program!
Recommended Choice.


Daniel Teh
University of Leicester, UK

The services rendered by Education Republic is very satisfying.
My advisor was very focused on my needs, genuine attention and also very efficient in updating me the application progress.
I was able to get in the program on time, thank you!

Tania Tanny
Grenoble Ecole De Management

My journey to studying at the University of Birmingham was like a roller-coaster ride. Starting from applying to the university, having to defer my study due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to applying for a UK Visa, Education Republic has always been by my side. Thank you!

Fatmala Sari Oktaviani
University of Birmingham, UK

Usaha Education Republic yang pantang menyerah dan konsisten sampai saya dapat student pass dan kuliah di Singapore. Thank you very much ER!

Kaplan Singapore (UCD)

10/10 rating buat Education Republic. Layanan sangat cepat dan up to date!

Firnaz Luztian
James Cook University

Education Republic was so helpful and informative. Without them i cannot get into the university this fast!

Lusiana Sujatmiko
Kaplan Singapore

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