Well known as the “Land of Kangaroos”, Australia is definitely has much more to offer!

Australia is recognised as a great place to live – but did you know Australia also offers a world class education? The Australian education system has produced scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians who have changed the world, winning awards from Oscars to Nobel prizes. Their global achievements
include the “black box” now on every airplane, the Earth hour initiative, and the invention of Wi-Fi. Australia is proud of the individuals who have studied and worked in Australia.

Almost half of their population were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was born overseas. This contributes to the fact that there are more than 260 languages spoken in homes across Australia aside from English, such as Arabic, Italian and Mandarin. Due to its large size, the country also has diverse environments.
It has more than 500 national parks and more than 2,700 conservation areas ranging from wildlife sanctuaries to Aboriginal reserves. Additionally, 17 of the UNESCO World Heritage sites are in Australia. Examples of these are the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House.


  • 3rd most popular international student destination in the world
  • 8 out of the 100 Top Universities in the world are in Australia
  • 5 out 30 best student cities in the world are in Australia
  • 15 Nobel Prize laureates
  • Australia is as wide as the distance between London to Moscow.
  • The biggest property in Australia is bigger than Belgium.
  • Australia was one of the founding members of the United Nations.


Primary Education
Education in Australia is managed by the second tier of government and compulsory through to age 15 to 17 depending on the state or territory. It is provided through a variety of government and private schools some with religious affiliations. All are
required to adhere to government curricula.

Primary school begins at age 6 or 7 and continues for 6 grades.


Secondary Education
Secondary education typically lasts for 5 years where student starts from grade 7 to grade 12 before they continue on to Universities, TAFE in Australia.


Vocational Education
Australia offers Vocational and Technical studies known as TAFE and VET through various institutes. These institutes offer short courses, certificate courses, diplomas, and advanced diplomas. These courses are meant to provide training for students in a particular vocation or help them to get out into the work place.


Undergraduate / Bachelor Education
Students that look forward to obtain the Bachelor title will be needed to attempt the undergraduate program offered by the Australian Universities.

Duration will be 3 years which can be attempted either via semesters or trimesters basis. Bachelor degrees in the field of non-research typically ranges between
AUD 21,000 – AUD 34,000 per year, while for research related program will be
ranging around AUD 22,000 – AUD 36,000.

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