Our Services

We provide an one-stop study abroad application process for you in a structured manner so that you will not be confused or traumatized by the process.

The services provided are as follow:

Overview of students’ life studying abroad

We will provide an overview on how is it like studying abroad as a student in comparison for you to study in a local institution in your home country.
The overview provides wide general coverage on information such as living expenses, responsibilities, rules and regulations, currencies, etc.


Choosing study abroad destinations

There are many exciting study destinations for Indonesian students such as Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia and many more.
All the countries have its unique advantages and disadvantages. We will make sure you choose the best study destination that suits you!


ER – Psychometric Test

Developed by Education Republic and combining theory by “Traits & Personality Theory”, is an accurate personality test that are able
to guide students professionally to choose the right major in Universities.

This is the first of its kind of personality test in Batam, Indonesia.


Recommendation on majors/program selection

Upon having the results from our personality test, we will analyze the personality test score and guide you to the right major before submitting your
application to university.

Application to Overseas University

We will provide assistance to submission of application to University overseas. It will start from preparation of application documents, application forms,
assessment on eligibility.


Document Translation Services

Study abroad application requires formal translation of native language documents to English language. We will provide service to translate documents so that it saves students’ time on the process while they can focus on their English preparation.


IELTS / TOEFL Preparation

It is an absolute requirement for all students to fulfil the English requirement in order to be accepted to an overseas university. IELTS and TOEFL are the most commonly accepted English qualifications. We provide IELTS and TOEFL preparation program via our subsidiary, English Republic.

The programs curriculum are written by Singapore teachers.

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University Admission & Visa approval letters Briefing.

Upon approval of application by the university, student will be given an offer letter to state the confirmation of their application. We will guide on the terms, conditions, deadline on the offer letter as per stated by the University. We provide translated explanation from English to native language.


Student Visa Processing

Student visa processing is the most important and complicated process among all processes. Students will need to have a valid student visa before departing to the country to embark on the studies.

We provide experienced guidance to enhance the approval rate of student visa such as:

  • Completing student visa form
  • Checklist on student visa required documents
  • Certified true copies documents for student visa submission
  • Editing on essays for student visa submission (selective case)
  • Other related information for Student Visa processing.


Accommodation Reservation (Hostel, Rooms, Homestay)

We will help you to search for a list of accommodations to be recommended to students, this will ease your worries and troubles from looking around
properties website overseas.


Pre-departure Briefing

Lastly, upon approval of all application and student visa, student is all set to travel to the study destination. We will provide the final briefing to ensure you know how to get around when you reach the country and your first day in the University.

Post Commencement Greeting

We will keep in touch with you on the first week of your term to see if you are coping well. It is always good to have someone covering your back when you are all alone in a foreign country, isn’t it?


Campus Transfer Programs

There are just times that you wish to have a change of environment after spending some time in a country, it could be a change of new campus, a new city or majors at times. We will still cater to your needs to help you with the campus transfer to another university or even to another country!