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Kuliah ke luar negeri

Kuliah ke luar negeri
kini menjadi lebih mudah!

Education Republic (PT Edukasi Republik Cemerlang) merupakan pusat pengurusan kuliah ke luar negeri. Sebagai agent perwakilan resmi ratusan Universitas luar negeri di Indonesia, kami mengurus perjalanan kuliah kamu dengan SIMPLE dan Transparan.
Pengurusan Kuliah oleh Education Republic itu FREE (tidak berbayar)




Education Republic was so helpful and informative. Without them i cannot get into the university this fast!

Lusiana Sujatmiko
Kaplan Singapore

Very responsive & reliable all the time and handled both my brother and my application.

Sally Tay
Raffles Design Institute (SG)

10/10 rating buat Education Republic. Layanan sangat cepat dan up to date!

Firnaz Luztian
James Cook University

When I decided to change my school, I didn’t know which one to pick or which school was good. The student counsellor from Education Republic helped me narrow down to PSB Academy.

It was hard to get into it as there was a lot of processing and a chance of me not being able to get in but once ER step in and help me, everything got easier as they settled everything on his own and got me into the school in no time. The documents was all sent on time and everything worked out well. I am very thankful for the services of Education Republic to help me get into another school and a change for me to continue studying!


Joshua Tanri
Studying at PSB Academy, Singapore

Joshua Tanri
PSB Academy

Usaha Education Republic yang pantang menyerah dan konsisten sampai saya dapat student pass dan kuliah di Singapore. Thank you very much ER!

Kaplan Singapore (UCD)

My journey to studying at the University of Birmingham was like a roller-coaster ride. Starting from applying to the university, having to defer my study due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to applying for a UK Visa, Education Republic has always been by my side. Thank you!

Fatmala Sari Oktaviani
University of Birmingham, UK

The services rendered by Education Republic is very satisfying.
My advisor was very focused on my needs, genuine attention and also very efficient in updating me the application progress.
I was able to get in the program on time, thank you!

Tania Tanny
Grenoble Ecole De Management

Education Republic is one of the outstanding Education Agent in Indonesia. It provides neutral selection of courses & Universities to students.
Ms Rafika from ER has helped in guiding me in choosing what i really want to ensure i have chosen the right Master program!
Recommended Choice.


Daniel Teh
University of Leicester, UK

Study Abroad Preparation with Education Republic Bali praktis dan memuaskan, karena dari pertama udah dibimbing melalui Psychometric Test dan juga di arahkan mau kuliah dimana dan negara apa. Semua yang membantu super baik dan cepat tanggap, jadinya nyaman ketika berkomunikasi dengan Education Republic. IELTS Preparation and Study Abroad Application juga ga perlu pusing karena semua proses dan data yang dibutuhkan langsung dikerjakan oleh pihak Education Republic, jadi tugas kita cuman kirim data aja. Recommended banget yang mau study abroad, bisa langsung contact @educationrepublic yaa


Studying at Ryerson University
Class of 2021
Alumni of Taman Rama Intercultural School Bali

Ryerson University, Toronto - Canada

Education Republic is a great place to rely on when moving to another country for your studies, they’ve helped me in starting my journey and giving a good start to my education in the U.S. The people in Education Republic always stay in touch and help in keeping track of the things you’ll need, giving an easier way to go about moving to your desired country. They are full of great people that does not hesitate to help you in every single step of your move. My move has been very smooth and relaxing due to their help and I hope for everyone to have a good experience like me, this is the place to go!


Studying Biochemistry at University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Class of 2019
Alumni of Taman Rama Intercultural School Bali

University of Washington, USA

Hi, I’m Jovinsky, a Master of Human Resource Management student at National College of Ireland.

Last year, in 2021, I decided that I wanted to go to Ireland to pursue my studies. However, I had a lot of doubts and questions in my mind. I actually tried to apply to the college by myself but the admission representative told me that they prefer if I could contact an agent as it would be difficult to apply by myself. At first, I thought it would be troublesome as none of the agents were from my city, Makassar, other than the famous agent X. I contacted them but it was all over the place, they redirected me to different branches and ended up never really giving any attention to my application.

Then, I decided to contact Education Republic despite the branch being in Batam, they helped me so thoroughly and patiently. All I did was follow their instructions. There were no costs at all (other than the shipping cost of the visa) and no hassle at all.

Back then, everything was done online but everything went very well. All the briefings and preparations were perfectly done. They were very friendly to me, especially Ko Jacob. He helped me a lot by clearing my doubts, applying for the college, applying for the visa and my flights until I arrived in Dublin. Even after a while in Dublin, he was still checking up on me.

I tried 3 different agents, but Education Republic was the one that was genuinely trying to help and support me. I am really glad now that I am given the chance to study in Ireland. I met a lot of new friends, got a part-time job and had so many amazing experiences that I can’t imagine without.

National College of Ireland

First of all, I want to study in NAFA for so long because of my cousin.
Since I want to study there, mom finally told me about this education company, namely Education Republic.

Friendly staffs like Ko Jacob and Ce Leny, they are so helpful and they gave me easy ways to enrol and study in NAFA. Very recommended for all students who would like to study abroad in the future!

Justine Tan
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Terima kasih ke Education Republic krn membantu pendaftaran universitas dari rumit menjadi mudah sekali.
ER bisa dibilang sangat friendly dari pengurusan awal sampai saya udah di Coventry University, UK. Di setiap langkah mereka selalu update dan temenin aku. Terima kasih Education Republic!

Janice Faylyn Tantri
Coventry University, UK

I was in need of an agent when my friend suggested Ko Jacob from Education Republic. He was very welcoming and nice, and went out of his way to help me from start to finish; my application to Coventry University.

He even helped me with my accommodation, parents’ visa application, general unrelated inquiries, and stayed patient when I did not understand the procedure. Overall, i’m very much thankful for him and his team for helping me even months after I started studying in the University.

Thanks Education Republic!

Dyantha Hendranata Putri
Coventry University, UK

I would like to recommend Education Republic to all aspirants who dream to the UK for higher education. Like me choosing to study my Master
in Queen Mary, University of London. I am extremely thankful to Education Republic as she supported and having patience in clarifying my doubts during the whole process from start till end of the process. Thank you for making my dream come true!

Michelle Pan
Queen Mary, University of London

The schedule is well structured, and Teachers/Mentors did a great job at improving my understanding of IELTS. The staffs did a good job finding me a suitable university, staffs is also kind!

Stanley Wijaya
Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

Studying overseas has always been one of my biggest dreams. But the process always seems a little dreading to me. Thankfully, Education Republic was there to help me sort things out!

Jessica Quan
University of Melbourne, Australia

The teachers are humble, taught me passionately, leaving no room for confusion or doubt. Did everything they can and always give explanations fully detailed. ER helped a lot starting from recommendations to wide choices of universities and in majors, guiding step by step in every applicable forms or datas that is a must to fill in, and in any way possible of helping.

Felix Anderson
UCSI University, Malaysia

I had some struggles finding a university until I met Education Republic. It was very pleasant when they provided complete information about the school and the necessary documents from the beginning until departure.

Ni Luh Srisaka Utami
Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

Menurut saya, ER sangat trusted and recommended. Mereka telah membantu saya menyarankan jurusan yang cocok dengan saya, kemudian juga sangat membantu dalam hal pendaftaran dan keberangkatan. Semua dokumen yang disarankan untuk disiapkan pun lengkap. Bahkan mereka membantu kami juga ketika sudah sampai di SG apa saja yang harus dilakukan agar kami tidak kebingungan. Mereka juga selalu menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan kami dengan jelas. ❤

Jocelyn Yap
NAFA, Singapore

It was overall a great experience. I learned a lot of tips and tricks in answering the IELTS questions. The teacher is also very nice and caring towards the students. All in all, it was good. The staffs were very kind and helpful in the procedure. Everything was explained in a detailed manner. They also helped out until the very end which I am very grateful of.

NAFA, Singapore

The IELTS preparation was helping me to understand what is IELTS and how are we going to do the test. Although it was a very short time through the session, I can understand the materials quickly. The teacher explained it well and clearly. She assessed us and give us the correct thing to do. We also had an interaction with classmates to practice our speaking. I am very grateful to have a loving and caring counselor. Even though I’m a bit reserved they still reach me out to always ask me questions comfortably. They were helping me to choose a university until I got one. They were also helping me with all my documents and packed them on one map so I can well-prepared before I go to the university. I will never regret joining this agent.

Heidya Karen Usman
Taylor's University, Malaysia

At first, I was at lost at what to do or to prepare for studying abroad in Malaysia. But thanks to education republic, a lot of my doubts and confusion regarding college are all cleared up. They helped us solve a lot of complicated matter and patiently guide us through the process from the start until finish. Hence, I am very grateful for choosing education republic as agents.

Felicia Calista
Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

From the start, ER has been very helpful with me in the process of applying to the multiple universities. Particularly at the start with Ko Jacob showing me the multiple choices I could choose from, where he did not limit the choices to their partner universities. My counsellor took care of most of the processes; for the most part, she has done her job very well, looking up answers when she found me asking some complicated questions. Due to the large amount of students applying through ER however, the progress near the end was somewhat slow, however in the grand scheme of things are still good.

Brian Harrison
University of Sydney, Australia

With the help of Education Republic’s efforts now I’m able to pursue my dream of living abroad and study in Melbourne, Australia. Choosing Australia and the right university was not an easy journey I have to work hard towards applying and passing requirements

Vincent Adinugraha Ludya
Swinburne University of Tecnology, Melbourne

Education Republic sangat membantu saya dalam memilih universitas dan program studi yang sesuai dengan minat saya, juga sangat membantu saya dalam proses aplikasi kuliah dan proses administrasi lainnya, seperti proses visa, akomodasi dan beasiswa. Menurut saya Education Republic sangat recommended bagi orang yang ingin kuliah ke luar negeri.

Heri Fernando
Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

Have IELTS Prep Course in ER it was a Good Choices that I decided in this year, I met Professional teacher that teach and support me during IELTS Prep Course. ER service for study abroad provide a lot of information and useful for who still haven’t decided to study where, also the service have professional qualifications, so let ER help you with all the documentation. My personal experience during courses in ER was amazing, The teachers and Services were very kind and always in your side when you confuse about your decision, course and major.

Michelle Chan
UCSI University, Malaysia

The preparation was exhausting but the team make it quick eventhough there’s a small mistake but ce sohar was very patient so she make everything easier. They also make the journey fun and do it perfectly. They solve every problem until finished completely. My visa also arrived quickly until 100%.

Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

Education Republic staff are all so friendly and fun at the same time. So when I took IELTS prep course, I didn’t feel so stress about the exercise that I had to do. Even though the course was difficult but they always managed to encourage us. I had fun learning with them and no regrets. I’ll definitely recommend Education Republic to people around me!

The services everything was well-organized. I asked quite a lot of things regarding the university that I want to apply, but they were still patiently fast responding my messages. I’m so surprised that they didn’t take any fee for the services.

Feretty Cyndi
NAFA, Singapore

ER made it so much easier for me entering into SIM because they are very prepared to tackle potential problems that may come along the way. They have been nothing but kind and patient towards me and I’m very grateful to get their help.

Laeticia Mc
Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

Good services, very coordinated.

Joan Han
Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

The courses are all easy to understand, and I’m satisfied with my IELTS score. Education republic really helps me from the beginning of my application until the end, they also prepared all the documents that are needed for my application and student pass.

Jannell Luvyana
Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

Everything is well done, and give alot of tips for me I can visit new place as well knowing more culture.

Ayeesha Ramadana Yondri
Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

It was unexpectedly amazing got to experience IELTS prep course and it helps me to grown my english skills in a short time. At first I thought I’m not going to pass the test because all my friends said it’s nearly possible to pass, but luckily I passed with a really good score. Also love the teacher that taught us with full of patience.

It was an easy processed, was perfectly organised for the beginning until the end. ER staff also helped me with a lot of stuff and helped me to understand most of things about study abroad.

Mei Yuin
Academia Institute, Melbourne

The course was well-structured, covering all aspects of the exam and providing me with the skills and strategies. The teachers were knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. They provided me with attention and feedback, which was immensely helpful in identifying areas for improvement. ER provided me with detailed information about the programs, and visas, making the application process smooth and stress-free. ER always available to answer my questions and concerns and provided me with valuable advice and support. The team was knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic about helping me make a decision. They understand my goals and interests, and worked to find the perfect program and location for me.


I would highly recommend them to anyone considering studying abroad, as they are truly experts in their field, and their commitment to helping students achieve their goals.

Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

Untuk ER aku mau berterimakasih banget karna udah ngebantuin proses aku sampai bisa ke Taylor’s uni. Aku ngira di awal kaya nya gabisa masuk sini karena ada beberapa problem yang menyangkut data ku, tapi semua nya bisa di tangani oleh mentor2 ER. So happy bisa di bantu dengan ER. Kakak-kakak yang bantuin aku di ER semua nya super baik dan fast respon. Sukses selalu ER!

Nandra Diva Gracella
Taylor's University, Malaysia

ER improved my English, and helped me to prepare for the IELTS test. And while studying in ER, I also had fun. The mentor was great, and the class was fun and lively. ER has been helping me in studying abroad, giving informations about the University, the conditions around it, and even helped me prepare the documents needed for studying abroad.

Asia Pasific University, Malaysia

At first, I didn’t know much about IELTS test for studying abroad. However, Education Republic provided all the useful information I needed in great detail. The preparation and learning process of IELTS are also carried out in great detail and structured. The teachers are also very friendly and experienced, so I find it very helpful to achieve the required ielts score.

All staff are very friendly and humble in helping with searches and enrollment at foreign universities. The information provided is also very detailed and thorough, so i feel really helped by them. Apart from that, the staff are also very pleasant and fast response, so there won’t be any miss for the information and enrollment process from the beginning till the end.

Valencia Tania
UCSI University, Malaysia

Easy to read and access information about majors and universities, helpful tips with portfolio, convenience in applying and enrollment, help with document listing and document printing and translation when going abroad.

Priscillia Pandinata
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

ER provided me with detailed information on scholarships, student pass, etc and was very helpful throughout the entire application process. I asked quite a lot and they still responded quickly to my messages. And thank you Ce Leny, Ce Merry, Kak Aldi for helping me from the start. I would highly recommend ER to anyone considering studying abroad!

Gheofanny Handoyo

Very helpfull for u if u want study abroad, the conceller is very fast resp.

Sherly Herwanto
NAFA, Singapore

Very helpful!

Viorenza Septania Hannata
NAFA , Singapore

Education Republic helped me a lot for study abroad. They helped me from the beginning, from consultation, registration until I arrived to my destination country. Thank you so much!


Education Republic has done a great job in helping me to find the right school. They’ve been giving me all the information I needed to move to another country and adapt to my new environment.

They’ve always responded fast and given updates which makes me more sure to trust them to help me find the right path for my future. I’m grateful to find this agency and trust them to help me move abroad.

University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Education Republic was really helpful to help me preparing my study in the UK! Credit to Aldi who was friendly and patiently explaining everything to my questions related to visa and study.

SOAS University of London

First of all, I want to thank koko Jacob who really helped me from the start until I was accepted by my university! It’s really nice to feel welcome, and here jacob really helps me well and very patient to always inform me about upgrading at Univ! Thank you very much Ko Jacob, and I also did my IELTS preparation in ER there. The teachers are very kind, humble and always motivates me so that I can achieve the target that I want! Anyway, it’s really nice to know Education Republic and Ko Jacob! Thankyou guys for all the supports!!

Sunway College

Thanks to the Education Republic, studying abroad become easier and stress-free. They guided me through the IELTS preparation, and application process including the paperwork. The communication between the client and agent was proficient. Despite there being a miscommunication on their part, they managed to handle the situation with professionalism. Apart from that, I am thankful to Education Republic for providing support and ease for me and my family.

Swinburne University of Technology 

ER has guided me through all of the steps for going to my dream universities, from the consultations, registrations, visa applications, and scholarships, until the day before I depart. The information that has been given is very detailed and fully supported. I couldn’t be more grateful for having them on this study abroad journey.


The programmes are well-structured in every meeting, and the learning materials are very helpful for my IELTS prep as well. I really love the way they gave endless feedback to each student to improve better day by day.

Thalia Winata
UCSI University, Malaysia

I would highly recommend Education Republic to anyone who is interested in studying abroad. Education Republic is the best choice if you’re seeking for an agency that can assist you study in Australia. Furthermore, Education Republic not only provides assistance to students studying in Australia, but also in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and others. Education Republic also assists you in providing information on studying abroad, and they gave a fast response, making the University application process go conveniently. They assisted me from the starting point to the end, and I am grateful to them. I’m pleased to have found this agency and trusted them to assist me with my studying abroad journey.

Monash Australia

ER’s knowledgeable advisors helped me navigate through the complex process of applying to universities abroad with ease. From advising on course selection to assisting with visa procedures, ER provided comprehensive support tailored to my needs. Thanks to ER’s guidance.


I wholeheartedly endorse ER Overseas Study Agency to fellow students seeking reliable assistance for studying overseas

Afrizal Nehemia Toscany
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

The program and service is really helpful, thank you very much for helping us.


Yovi Pratama
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Education Republic is the right choice if you want to study abroad, Very responsive and they explain the process with great and detailed

PSB Academy

They process all the documents quickly and always update all the new informating regarding the university, the staffs are also very humble


I’m grateful to do my study abroad process with education republic help.

Anisa Fadilah Salwa
Monash University Malaysia

The service was some of the best I could ever receive, the agent, kak Livia was very nice and helpful to me. Even after months since I contacted her she still messaged me to ask about my uni application, she helped me gather my documents for the visa and streamlined the entire process. Every step of the way she helped me out from my application to getting my single entry visa and for that I am very grateful.

Josquin Josephus Jonazh
Asia Pacific University, Malaysia

I’m so grateful because meet Education Republic that so helpful for making my wish came true, especially for Ko Jacob and miss Sara who help me a lot in every detail needs from IELTS preparation, CV, and after my student visa granted, they’re still make sure for the pre departure. Once again thank you Education Republic! One of the best decision i choose ER become my agent to study abroad. Love Education Republic team.

Claudia Marchella Siswanto
William Angliss Institute Melbourne

I found your study abroad services to be incredibly helpful and efficient. The guidance provided was comprehensive, and the team was always responsive to any queries or concerns. Thanks to your assistance, i highly recommend your services to anyone considering studying abroad.

Herlina Enjelika
Evolution Hospitality Institute, Australia

Miss Livia services really good, all going well, very responsive and there is no obstacles with the services. The way the teacher teach me really nice and easy to understand.

Willson Wijaya
Academia Institute, Australia